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Bas Rosenbrand

Bas Rosenbrand

Stages of children's development, from conception to adulthood

Bas has been involved in numerous projects related to children’s development.

Approximately twenty years ago, he co-founded a school in the Netherlands with a unique educational approach. At this school, children aged four to eighteen had the freedom to make their own choices. The environment provided various methods and materials, along with multiple teachers, dedicated time and attention, designated spaces for activities such as art, cooking, or meetings, as well as outdoor areas for play. The school enjoyed success for seven years, and Bas documented their experiences in a book titled „A New Morning: Co-Creating School with Children.”

Following this endeavor, Bas has played key roles in guiding several innovative schools in the Netherlands and abroad during their inception. Additionally, he contributed to the establishment of a school in Poznan, Poland.

He conducts training sessions on running effective meetings and has authored a book on the subject, available in Hungarian.

Currently, Bas is affiliated with the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, the Netherlands. He co-founded „Spring”, a teacher training program grounded in pedagogy, structured around three core components: professional self-understanding, the various roles of a teacher, and the content/techniques of subjects and teaching methods. In this capacity, he mentors and instructs students in cultivating professional self-awareness and designing effective educational practices.

Furthermore, Bas serves as the project leader for „The First 2000 Days of a Child”, collaborating with a team to gather expertise on various aspects of a child’s life during this critical period, spanning from conception to birth and early childhood. The goal is to disseminate this knowledge to professionals working with children in a community, fostering collaboration among organizations and providing a solid foundation for all children’s lives.

Last year, Bas delivered a lecture on the project’s findings at ELTE TÓK. This year, he plans to delve deeper into the stages of children’s development, from conception to adulthood, and share additional insights gained over the past year.

His upcoming lecture will be conducted in English, without translation.

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Stages of children’s development, from conception to adulthood

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